Recently, the KRKA NP waterfall has been the location chosen by young couples, as an ideal spatial arrangement, when it comes to wedding ceremonies.
NP KRKA is located in the Šibenik Knin County. You have only seen this kind of waterfall in movies, and it is visited by tourists from all over the world.

In the heart of the untouched nature of our Landscape, two young people crowned their love with marriage. They said their fateful “yes” under the waterfalls of one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Croatia, the Krčić Waterfall.

They fell in love with this waterfall and landscape, “KRKE National Park”, which attracted not only the newlyweds to the wedding, but also other guests who were left breathless surrounded by beauty. Their love and marriage was crowned by the natural beauty and crystal blue color as well as the light of the rainbow.

Perfect locations for your fateful YES

Krčić waterfall

Knin fortress

Drniš – Gradina

Solaris beaches or anywhere in the county

On the trails of Winnetou

Did you know that among the many potential locations around the world, Croatia was chosen as the place to shoot the fillers! We offer you these locations in the canyons of the National Park Krka.


Proof of the marriage of FOREIGNERS
Before entering into a marriage, it is necessary to provide the necessary documentation that it prescribes

  • Ministry of Administration of the Republic of Croatia. That includes:
    an extract from the birth register issued in the country of birth in accordance with international agreements and conventions with a translation into Croatian,
  • certificate on the free marital status of a foreigner issued in accordance with international agreements and conventions with a translation into Croatian,
  • a certificate that there are no obstacles to the marriage of a foreign citizen in the Republic of Croatia and that this marriage will be recognized in the country of which he is a citizen, with a translation into Croatian, this certificate can be an integral part of the certificate of unmarried status
  • identification document (with picture) i
  • proof of citizenship (passport).
  • Proof of a concluded marriage is an extract from the register of marriages issued by the registrar after entering the marriage in the register of marriages.
  • If the Bride or Groom is a native speaker (does not understand) the language, it will be sufficient to hire an interpreter for the native language of one or both partners, perhaps, or both partners whose language is incomprehensible. Finally, let’s add that citizens of countries outside the European Union who enter Croatia in order to get married , and who do not intend to stay longer than 90 days, do not need a special visa. However, if they want to stay in Croatia for longer than 90 days,

These individuals cannot marry:

  • persons who have not reached the age of 18
  • persons completely deprived of business capacity or incapable of reasoning
  • persons who are blood relatives
  • persons who are married or in a same-sex partnership registered in accordance with a special regulation.
  • You can get married in a civil form (before the registrar) or in a religious form with the effects of a civil marriage (before an official of a religious community that has regulated legal relations with Croatia). decide on the day and place of the marriage (you can choose any place in Croatia) obtain the necessary documents register the intention to marry, in which case you need to appear before the registrar about the choice of surname *choose two witnesses for the marriage